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“Feel The Presence” by Dan Del Negro

Reviewed by Rosemarie Ashley

“Feel The Presence” by Dan Del Negro is a collection of songs for spiritual growth, affirmative programming and meditation, performed by exceptional musicians, produced to the highest engineering standards and delivered with purpose-driven passion. The music is supportively peaceful, as if sampled from the gates of Heaven. Dan is a highly talented vocalist, demonstrating a combination of technical expertise and personal sincerity.

The album begins with songs that welcome listeners into a mindset of “Infinite Love”, emotional release, spiritual surrender, “Inner Harmony” and abundance. “Om Shanti” is a chant, backed up with various percussion instruments and synthesized serenity. The long tones vibrate to a universal frequency, transporting the imagination to an ancient tribal way of life; connecting humanity with the pulse of the planet and all her inhabitants. The multi-layered vocal tones merge to create hypnotic harmonies. “Loving Spirit” invokes a divine presence in an expression of gratitude for life. “Infinite One” is appropriate for a sitting or walking meditation, engaging the conscious mind as the subconscious ponders the indescribable vastness of Infinity. The album closes with a guided meditation, inviting communion with the source of all, encouraging loving cooperation and leaves the listener feeling revitalized and at peace.

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