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“Light The Way” by Karie Hillery

Reviewed by Rosemarie Ashley

“Light The Way” by Karie Hillery is a delightful combination of upbeat songs and tender ballads with a consistent message of encouragement, perfect for any age and most belief systems.╩This is the kind of album that can be used as background music for individual, family and community activities or╩as a focal point for introspection, connection with the Divine and personal growth.

All of the musicians demonstrate professional technique and personal commitment to a spiritual way of life, as evidenced╩through the passionate delivery.╩Karie is a strong singer, with a luscious tone and conviction in every song.╩She weaves engaging harmonies throughout the album, like angels from Heaven.╩The musical accompaniment is top rate, with a variety of instrumentation including a two-piece horn section, guitars, piano & percussion.╩Universal truths including oneness of all, internal connection, gratitude, free will, surrender and the power of thought are reinforced in a variety of cheery and reflective music.

All of the songs on “Light the Way” communicate spiritual love energy, connecting humanity to the greater whole.╩Among them is “Releasing Letting Go”, a reminder to all the travelers on a spiritual journey that we must balance the visions of human potential with every day needs and “I am We Are God Is”, an affirmation of the divine essence within us all.╩

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“Life Goes On” by Linq

Reviewed by Rosemarie Ashley

Immediately after “Life Goes On” by Linq begins playing, the listener is struck with the exceptional production.╩The instrumentation, engineering, lead and harmony vocals are stunning in clarity and quality of technical and artistic talent; sounding as if performed live.╩Mixing, with deliberate panning and solid mastering produce a perfect balance, demonstrating professional excellence.╩The songs are in a variety of Adult Contemporary styles including flavors of folk, blues and rock.╩Linq's strong, clear vocals demonstrate superior talent and perfect pitch, delivered with heart-felt passion.

The nature of the messages challenge listeners to question outdated beliefs with thought-provoking lyrics that call for urgent action by everyday people and courageous conviction about controversial topics.╩She covers the devastating effect of rampant construction to nature, the origin of judgmental thoughts, comfort within a loving community, living in the now, corporate and governmental deception, complacency of the masses, a changing paradigm as well as individual right-action.╩Particularly noteworthy are “Change the Picture” for a powerful a capella introduction, “Diversity Dance” for a light-hearted call to oneness, “George Orwell Where Are You?” and “SOS” for their outspoken candor and “Will You Care” for its confrontational message to the complacent masses.╩Any open-minded, socially conscious music lover will applaud Linq's work with a standing ovation.╩

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“Dreamsong” by Cathy DeWitt

Reviewed by Rosemarie Ashley

“Dreamsong” by Cathy DeWitt is a collection of spiritual reminders in a variety of styles including a capella, percussion, light jazz, folk, ballad and pop. The compositions are good, piano is excellent and the messages are of universal truth, appropriate for many church venues and personal collections of daily affirmation. Many melodies are simple, inviting congregational participation.

“Thanksgiving” is a daily prayer, reminding us to have gratitude for every day blessings, small and large. “Spirit of Spring (Joy Chant)” is reminiscent of tribal worship with pleasant harmonies reminding listeners to note and rejoice in affirmation of life. “Dreamsong,” with lovely background vocals, invites listener introspection and acknowledgement of life passions, with our potential to manifest based on sharing. “Everybody's Somebody's Child” encourages humanity to diffuse potential conflict by remembering we all started this life in vulnerable innocence. “For the Pure in Heart” includes words of reassurance and encouragement about trust. “Wisdom Round:╩A Walking Meditation” is a friendly a capella melody, focused on opening to our inner wisdom. “Arms (Are For Hugging)” is an upbeat tune to remind the listener “You are not alone.” “The Prayer of Protection” is a familiar Unity meditation put to a soft piano melody with nice harmonies.╩

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“Life Is Good” by Randi Perkins

Reviewed by Cathy DeWitt

On his CD “Life Is Good”, Randi Perkins uses his songs to tell stories. In a folksy, conversational voice that invites you to join him, he sings about family, friendship, fatherhood and farming.

Ranging from country-flavored to mellow pop and even a short spoken-word piece, his songs also include a spiritual focus or theme. “The Prince” sounds almost like a song from a fantasy-musical. My favorite is “The Last Harvest,” a sweet song about his father that is done in two renditions on this 8-song CD.╩

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